Best Multimeters for Beginners and Homeowners: Top 10


It always needs reliable accurate measurements to take the next step during troubleshooting. So there will be space for the best multimeters in the market always. Digital multimeters provide higher accuracy when compared with analog meter while taking measurement. The standard digital multimeters provide an accuracy of 0.5% DC voltage whereas the benchtop multimeter will provide 0.01%. In general, digital multimeters comes in a wide price ranges that start from $10 – $3500, by depending on its bands and available features.

Best Overall Multimeter

My work has appeared in Digital Trends, Gear Junkie,, ROVA Magazine and several other print and online publications. Plenty of companies make good multimeters, but if you want one of the best, stick with well-known companies. Firms like Fluke and Klein Tools have excellent offerings, as does Milwaukee, which is a world-renowned brand that sells everything from wrenches to cordless drills to tool chests. This is a standard £8.99 multimeter that looks the part and measures most things, though the touch was crowded and jittery.

What is a multimeter used for?

And with the price difference being so minute, a digital meter is almost always the way to go. The Fluke 107 is not the fanciest model on this list, but we truly enjoyed its simplicity. It easily tests voltage, amperage, and resistance and has a separate switch for continuity—those functions alone are more than what the average DIYer will need. We like that it has a backlight and large screen, and the magnetic strap can double over and act as a stand. Our main complaint is that it doesn’t come with a carrying case and there are no storage clips in the back for the leads, so storage could be an issue.

The Fluke 87-V Digital Multimeter is a prime example of Fluke’s abilities. Professional-grade multimeters are expensive, and replacing them is far more painful than the initial purchase. Of course, you want to take care of your tools, but accidents happen.

Q: What are multimeters used for?

Analog multimeters are less costly than digital multimeters, although the latter is more accurate. In terms of usability, digital ones are easy to operate, whilst analog ones might be challenging for novice users. The difference between the two types of multimeters is how their output is presented. Analog multimeters use a needle to measure values on an analog scale; digital multimeters display the precise value in digital form on display. The Gardner Bender GMT-319 can measure seven functions with 19 ranges on a simple color-coded analog display.

UEI multimeter chose five multimeters to evaluate after combing through hundreds of user reviews. They were rated on accuracy, display, ease of use and extra features such as hands-free operation, LED indicators and data hold functions. We selected five products to meet a wide range of budgets, with prices varying from under $15 to more than $200. The AstroAI 6000 offers a notable suite of capabilities at an affordable price. Beyond measuring AC and DC current and voltage, it can assess capacitance, frequency and temperatures with the included thermocouple.

Alternatively, you can simply leave the multimeter in “SMART” mode. In that mode, it will try to determine what you’re measuring automatically. It can switch freely between DC voltage, AC voltage, continuity, and resistance. This feature is neat in theory, but in practice, you’ll still need to manually select modes some of the time. This measuring tool is provided by a reputable tool company, looks fantastic, and has a ton of functionality. In addition to measuring continuity and ohms, it can also determine capacitance and frequency.

It also comes with test probes , a mini wire stripper, mini screwdrivers, 30 cm cables, and electrical tape. Before connecting a meter to a circuit, ensure the range switch is positioned correctly. The silicone cover prevents the CL390 from failing damage and electrocution and is anti-burning and overload-resistant. This is not a problem in general, but it will result in less accurate results when measuring complex drive systems with non-linear waveforms. As the number of your lab instruments and electronics components increases – it is time to invest in the best electronic components organizers before things get too messy…. I love electronics since childhood, earned a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering, Master’s degree in RF & Microwaves.

This multimeter also features a built-in flashlight, so you can take measurements even in low-light conditions. As the only CAT IV safety rated multimeter to show up in our testing, we had high hopes for the Klein Tools Auto-Ranging Multimeter. Featuring an ultra-simple readout and functions as well as heavy-duty construction and great durability, at first glance it seems to live up to its higher price.

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