Even If This Love Disappears from the World Tonight -One-shot, Romance, Slice of Life, Drama


Synopsis (from the live action movie adaptation): In order to stop his classmates from bullying him, the protagonist, Tooru Kamiya, makes a fake confession to a girl from the next class, Maori Hino. Even though she knows that the confession is a lie, Maori says yes with three rules: “Don’t talk to me until after school,” “Keep communication brief,” and “Don’t fall in love with each other”. The two promise not to fall in love, but as they get to know each other, they find themselves drawn to each other. When Tooru finally couldn’t hold back his feelings, Maori’s words were unexpected.

“I have anterograde amnesia, and I forget things when I sleep at night, everything that’s happened the previous day”. Her memories and experiences were reset every day, and she wrote down the day’s events in a diary and woke up early in the morning to review them in order to keep her memory alive. Tooru is devoted to bringing her as much happiness as possible. However, such daily life did not last long. What is the “plan” that Tooru has devised to protect Maori’s happiness? even if this love disappears tonight watch online on 4khotvideo and also watch movies online free sites.

A bittersweet romance which employed one of the most done to death tropes – amnesia. That’s what I thought before I started reading, probably just another cheesy story about how the main character is struggling to cope with life. To my surprise it is actually a very fluffy and sugary romance which requires insulin shots as if I was reading “The Boy Next Class Spoils Me Rotten”. Complemented by several colourful side characters who all have their unique and well developed arcs, regardless of how minor they are. It makes this novel truly a wholesome and satisfying read. Well, of course, until the big plot twist kicks in like every other bittersweet romance…

One thing worth mentioning. This novel doesn’t just use amnesia as a handy and convenient trope. It actually deals with how amnesia operates medically and psychologically. There are two types of memory: explicit memory and implicit memory. Explicit memory refers to the mountains of data which get stored in our brain as like how you would save files onto a hard drive. So, if your hard drive fails, it causes data (memory) loss, just like how an amnesia patient experiences. Implicit memory, sometimes called muscle memory or motor learning, is memory which actually gets stored in our muscles. Think riding a bicycle or swimming, you cannot unlearn these skills, right? You could have forgotten some details from the previous volume of your favourite LN, but you could never forget how to ride a bicycle since the data isn’t really stored in your brain. Instead of forgetting it, your skill deteriorates over time depending on whether you are practising it and your physical health. It’s quite informative which makes you understand more what the character is experiencing, but without getting too technical to comprehend.

If you are curious why I didn’t rate this novel higher despite my enjoyment and recommendation, you can check the following paragraph. Actually it doesn’t contain any spoilers but I am going to tag it anyway in case someone plans to go in completely blind. It’s about my biggest complaint about the writing.


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