Sun Inconjunct Lilith Synastry


Sun conjunct North Node synastry
In the Sun-Lilith aspects each other from the opposite sign. They form a karmic balance within the relationship. Sun inconjunct Lilith synastry is the absence of the self in the other and based on the passion it inspires and creates.

While it is difficult for many to understand this dynamic, it can help you gain some insight into how others function and make decisions that affect you. The inconjunction of Sun and Lilith in a synastry chart points to the heart of any conflict that might arise in the relationship, and that is the nature of change and transformation.

Crow Astrology can often be volatile and intensely passionate. Nonetheless, the relationship will overcome any obstacles it encounters.

The inconjunct aspect between Sun and Lilith doesn’t mean anything negative if you’re in a relationship together. It’s not inherently negative to you unless Lilith is poorly placed. This is all about finding where Sun and Lilith sit in your natal chart as a couple.

Just because Sun and Lilith are inconjunct in your synastry chart, it doesn’t mean either of these entities are standing in your way. It’s just a hint of things to come. The important thing to remember is that you have total control of your emotion, your response, and your interpretation of it.

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